They say travel and photography go hand in hand. It is an inevitable combination of sights and sounds; something that you want to remember on your way back from a long trip. On a side note when it comes to best locations to travel for photography 2018, Taj Mahal and Paris have become way too common. I mean seriously, if you are considering traveling to the aforementioned resorts, you should change your plans. They have become overcrowded by now. Period.

This post is all about suggesting cool places that are a perfect match for travelers who wish to get by with a little bit of fun and breathtaking imagery. Forget about the Grand Canyons or the Amalfi Coast because the appended locations are lined up with random opportunities for photographers. Given the fact that you are going to share these photos on your social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook, you’re going to need to bring your A game to the table.

  • Maruata Bay


Okay two travel locations to choose from, Maruata Bay and Puerto Vallarta. If you take my word for it, Maruata Bay is much better and inexpensive for travel photography. You can easily book a small hut or a living place in the local vicinity.

The best area is the entire fishing village; you will have plenty of opportunities. If close up shots are a bit of an issue for you, try taking aerial footage or far angle shots from cliff sides. Combine it with a load of birds, local animals, and turtles; you are looking at a bunch of priceless photographs on your way back home.

  • Chugach State Park, Alaska


Alaska is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if the chilly shivers come as a second nature to you, go ahead and give it a shot. The Chugach State Park in Alaska is located just on the outskirts of Anchorage; it is impossible to miss, even if you are traveling there for the first time. The entire Chugach terrain is laid out with a breathtaking view of swans, migrating birds and tons of greenery.

If you have a bit of spare time on your hands and a few rolls of extra film, take a hike across the Glen Alps. On your way down, you will be able to see beluga whales and waves crashing on the coast. All you need is a camera with lightning fast shutter speed to help land a few memorable photographs for your Instagram account.

  • Cedar Mesa, Utah 


Meanwhile back in the US of A, we got Cedar Mesa’s famous Pueblo ruins to talk about. If it is your first time trip to Cedar Mesa, a lot of locals are going to suggest Mesa Verde as an ideal spot for travel photography, but don’t go there. A lot of newbie photographers and families flock around at Mesa Verde, so I’d suggest you take the road less traveled towards Cedar Mesa.

However, you’re going to need a robust 4×4 Jeep and a satellite phone if you wish to communicate with friends and relatives back at the resort. The ruins are isolated in a remote area, but at the same time, you get innumerable photo ops in there. You can take a travel buddy with you, or your loving partner to stay secure and safe throughout the entire trip. It will feel lonely, but the ruins are laced with monochromatic textured shots that the default Instagram filters are going to make you fall in love with.

  • Oregon Road Trip, U.S.A


If you are on a budget, you can go for an Oregon Road Trip in the U.S. – i.e. if you are already in the U.S, and know the area well enough to travel. Anyhow, Oregon road trip is like a chock full of blissful photo-ops. Throughout the trip, you will be able to get great angles at Cannon Beach, Astoria and then all the way through the temperate rainforest. If you have plenty of time on your hands, take a ride to the John Day National monument; it will take a couple of hours, but it’s definitely worth it.

By the way, the biggest benefit of taking a trip across Oregon comes without any time constraints. The road is going to lead you to places you never even imagined, and that too with a rewarding cuisine experience. You can also take a few days’ rest in between the places to keep your gears rolling. Don’t forget to capture close-up stills of the live catch of the day at the harbor towns, puffins and fishies in season and anything that tickles your fancy.

  • Memphis, Tennessee


Instead of taking a bad stretch across Nashville, give Memphis Tennessee a shot. I am not saying that Nashville’s countryside is bad, or the folks in there are snobs, but it is overcrowded. Also, Nashville’s mostly got Beale Street goons and Graceland as “ideal” places for Instagram photographers and that’s about it.

On the contrary, Memphis has must get photo-ops during the after hours. When it gets a little dark, the painted bricks spark to life when the neon lights from storefronts bounce on them. Add ‘Amaro’ or some other filter on Instagram to see which combination works best. However, I’d suggest you take multiple shots from various angles to narrow down on the best colorful visuals.


The above suggestions are nowhere near any conclusions. They were merely ideas to help you out with travel photography. Everything comes down to your affordability and budget. Plan your trip accordingly, and set your mind to nailing down fantastic images. That’s all there is to it – and in case you need some extra motivation, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for Instagram photography related trips n’ tricks!