Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social platforms with patronage from well over a hundred million users currently. It was first launched in the year 2010 and has since then gradually grown into what it is now, the most valuable social media hub. Joining a social media platform many years after its launch? Where have you been? Well, while it is shameful not to have certain social media accounts right now, it is never too late, especially if its Instagram.  Don’t ask why, Instagram uses mainly visual and multimedia content and folks these days are moved more by what they see. All you need is create quality content and watch your followers grow exponentially.  If you are barely starting out (I mean newbie), there are some tips you’ll have to know and apply before you can expect feedbacks and follows from users.


Since Instagram lets you use visuals, you’ll want to keep your posts interesting, and nothing but “interesting” cuts it. Whether it is photos or videos, do ensure that they are colourful and appealing. This could mean funny (like memes) or catchy (like a beautiful photo or artwork). While editing content, try as much as possible not to over use filters, instead use them in a subtle manner and remember, “little is more sometimes”.

This tip works for basically all social platforms, don’t be the guy who posts nothing for weeks and then suddenly floods his followers with ten photos in one day. That sucks and most importantly as far results go, you’ll be greeted with two very distinct results. Depending on how many followers you already have, you probably shouldn’t post more than twice a day, otherwise your followers might get sick of seeing you in their feed, doesn’t matter how great your photos or posts are.

There are these things called hashtags and they are an essential tool if you use them effectively. There is nothing more annoying on Instagram than looking up a hashtag and finding it spammed with photos that don’t relate to the topic. This is particularly frustrating when it’s a hashtag that is used to curate and recommend content. So, while you should never use hashtags that are not relevant to your photo, you should definitely select a few hashtags to get your photo more exposure. Using hashtags is a great way to get noticed on Instagram, and if you stay true to the content of your photo, it will earn you more likes, follows and comments. Use the one-two-three rule. This is a popular rule of thumb among Instagram old-timers. The rule basically entails that for every photo you post, you should comment on two others and like about three. This is often used by users who are scouting for followership by other Instagram users.

To avoid early disappointments don’t always expect the likes you give will return back to you or that the people you follow will follow you back. Regardless this should not stop you from giving out likes or following people. Do not feel obliged to follow other users back if you sincerely do not like their content. However, if they have left you a thoughtful comment on your photo, try to do the same. Sometimes for the sake of follows you might be tempted to flood people with likes. Do not do this, I repeat do not! Many Instagram users have the habit of checking out your feed and then giving you 10 or 20 likes in a row. While this can come across as flattering at first, it can also be a little frustrating, especially if you have notifications on your phone turned on. Rather than flood a user with a ton of likes, pick two or three photos that really stand out and like them.

Lastly always post your best, and just to be sure, make sure a “real friend” agrees it’s the best too, not that you need their validation anyway it’s your feed after all, but still ask them. See you in 2018.

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