I usually say or write stuff and end with, “but this is just my opinion”. However, about creativity, I’m pretty sure there are a ton of us out there that once had to think if we were truly talentless and nothing close to creative, tell me I’m right.

Well, we’re all born with creativity inside of us, it’s our ability to express this that makes all the difference. Most people believe you can’t force inspiration, saying creativity is something that comes when it comes, but I largely disagree. We can influence the environments that bring about these inspirations thus inducing them in a way. This has worked for people I know, although forced, success was achieved nonetheless. For one to be truly in touch with their creative side, one must first understand himself and the numerous things that go on in his head. Spend some alone time with your head and try to explore your thought processes. That must be the weirdest piece of advice anyone ever gave toy, but do try it out.

Another way to tap into that creative “Pandora’s box” is by actually starting, be on the move. By doing so we challenge our minds to actually create better ways to express our thoughts and this keeps us thinking. Once we’re thinking it’s usually only a matter of time before you start diversifying and that’s just creativity in other words. I remember once when I was mopping my bathroom floor trying to decide on the best approach to take regarding an article I was writing. Prior to this time, I had discarded all the plans I carefully thought out, dissing them as mundane. So, right there in the bathroom as the mop splashed water all over the floor, I had an amazing idea. I’m just saying sometimes creativity finds you in the times you least expect it, and when it comes be sure to document your thoughts.


If it’s a painting you can sketch it, if it’s a lyric, write it down, if it’s a beat record it on your phone and listen to it when you have the time. In fact, try as much as you can to document all your creative thoughts whenever they pop up in your head, they might be a trigger to some great works in the future. Another thing you should do is try not to limit yourself to norms of our society because most times it’s really the dissimilarity that matters. It’s what distinguishes you from the crowd. Also, always keep an open mind it would help you. The ability to share your ideas with like minds is vital as well. Sometimes we prefer to keep our thoughts to ourselves because we fear that others might not understand us, and most times fail to consider the possibility that they might understand. Who knew talking with people might trigger your neurons to come up with something really spectacular.

Lastly the most important thing we all need is to “believe”; believe in ourselves and in the power of our minds – in their ability to create breath-taking art. We must believe this despite all odds, it is this belief that will drive us when our minds are blank and cannot create, when we receive criticism after working so hard, when we’ve tried all we could and the sight of a big break isn’t forth coming. It is the firm belief that we have in ourselves that will keep us going, knowing fully well that the greatness of our minds cannot be rushed. This belief is called confidence and it matches well with creativity like a white shirt in a black tuxedo.

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