Every photographer knows no location has it all. I mean the incredible mountains in Afghanistan are beautiful, but they don’t have the blue Fiji oceans that lack the color of the Chinese culture. So, you see why a photographer must move around to take more pictures, don’t you?

Despite this, you don’t want to break the bank for a mere snap when some of the best shots come without working too hard for them. So, I decided to put together some countries with incredible views and won’t cost so much to visit. So, get your backpack packed, we are traveling the world in the next few paragraphs.

  1. Malaysia

Whenever the name Malaysia comes up in discussions about beautiful locations, many are quick to mention Kuala Lumpur, but Malaysia has a lot more to offer in terms of beautiful vistas and art than most people give it credit for. In a country where there are no rain breaks, it pours throughout the year; the greenery here is a sight worth beholding. Let’s talk less of the stunning beaches around the country, most of which comes from outside Kuala Lumpur. And to put icing on cake, Malaysia is one of the cheapest locations you can visit.

  1. Bolivia

One of the numerous reasons why Bolivia attracts so many tourists annually is an uncanny ability to explore and experience such a beautiful landmass without having to pay huge bills in feeding, accommodation and transportation. Despite possessing such beauty within its walls, Bolivia is arguably one of the cheapest places to visit for adventurers and explorers alike, get you gear and enjoy the serenity of the Bolivian morning breeze.

  1. Hungary

Trying to travel to Europe on budget? Hungary is definitely the answer, pack up your stuff and don’t forget that new camera your girlfriend got for you lest you curse your stars at your proposed destination. Get into the rhythm of the energetic city of Budapest and admire the wonderful architecture of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Budapest is largely known as the party central for the younger adventurers and the villages aren’t that bad either, as the scenery and cost are worth the experience.

  1. Cambodia

Ever been to place where you can get an accommodation for as little of $4?? And delicious food for a whole lot less than that? Get on a flight to Cambodia to enjoy a special type of nature’s imagery while guilt wears you down as make payments for services you feel should cost a whole lot more.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam represents humanity but without the emissions, financial jargons, and greed of citizens. A pint of one of Vietnam’s most popular brews, “Bia Hoi”, costs as little as 50 cents! May we leave out the notoriously beautiful expanse of land screaming “mother Asia” and explore the country closest to nature while being recipients of 5-star treatments for a budget fee of $15 daily. Vietnam is definitely a location for lovers of visuals and good taste.

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