When Instagram was launched on the ‘ineterwebs’, people imagined it was “just another” mobile photography app. We have seen hundreds of those applications by now, but nothing comes close to what Instagram is capable of. The company managed to take off as the best, fastest and most compatible mobile app for professional photographers and casual users alike.

In a nutshell, Instagram has something for everyone – so much so that some of the people who post on Instagram as professional photographers or artists, they make it seem all too easy and surreal. These drool-worthy images are not only a result of immense arduous work, but it requires an equal amount of effort to grow the overall user base.

Look at some of the tips appended below to help unlock your Instagram follower base to its fullest. Bear in mind that it is not an overnight success, as you will probably fail a few times, or you may not notice a gradual increase in your fans/followers. However, with persistence and a tad bit of intelligence, it is not that difficult to connect with a massive audience.

  • Shoot Like a Pro

Instagram I’d love to share Instagram photography tricks, but if I were to do that, it’d deviate me off topic. For now, you need to know that as an online aspiring artist, you need to show your best work. If it’s really good; something that you’d want to see yourself as an Instagram follower, then go for it.

Test your photo quality through a bunch of filters and post it. Most of the photographers spend a good amount of time before actually proceeding with going live with the post in question.

  • Niche Audience Is the Best Audience

InstagramSo, you want to be an Instagram rock star, but don’t know exactly where to hit it. I am guessing that you are not a celebrity – therefore you can chuck the notion of garnering a cult-like following at Instagram within a day or two. On the contrary, while you are busy creating an audience pool, target people who are based in a certain part of the country.

Regardless of whether you’re a photographer or a brand owner, you need to identify your niche and then stick with it. Let’s say you are a garments business owner, try to formulate a central theme that captures your audience attention from all across the world wide web. If your Instagram posts are only focusing on one aspect of the business, your posts will lose potential from reaching their full potential.

  • Image Quality Does Matter

While Instagram can make a whole lot of images prettier than their original state, it does not imply that you can capture stuff on a whim. Try to find the right angle, and before finally clicking it or tapping the mobile phone screen, make sure that the size of the photograph is proportional to the Instagram frame.

Sometimes people get carried away with their images, only to realize that they practically lost a gem of a photo opportunity had they backed out or zoomed in a little. Tsk tsk… too late now…

  • So, What’s the Scoop on Your Instagram Post?

According to a slew of online surveys, Instagrammers respond well to posts that either has a sense of mystery or a story. If you have a great image followed up with no text content, or a text overlay, you are practically wasting your time and effort.

Evoke response from your audience by asking them questions, sharing a little bit of background information about the post, or anything that can get a good conversation going. I’d rather have a handful of fans than a huge list of the audience that does not respond to any of my Instagram posts.


  • Hashtags are Your Friends in Disguise

I know, sometimes hashtags in an Instagram post look ugly, but they can really boost your posts’ exposure.  If you are considering adding some text content to your Instagram post description, which you should, add a few hashtags in there.

Remember #YOLO, #Love and such other common tags? Well, they were there for a reason and when the YOLO trend originally started, it really kicked Instagram posts’ reach the next level.

Before finalizing your hashtags, make sure you are doing a custom search through the in-app search bar. This will help you to get a general idea of the number of posts that are on the front page of Instagram and vice versa. While sprinkling your posts with hashtags, don’t overdo it; your audience will hate you for spamming. Hashtags with nouns and actionable words assist in reaching a new audience from those niches that’d have been otherwise impossible.

  • Take It To the Next Level

If you are a seasoned Instagram user, there are chances that you know when your audience is most active. If you got a big post planned up, do it on the weekend when most of the Instagram users are free and available. This way, your audience will not ignore your post with an ugly shrug and an ‘ugh’ expression. Or in other words, slam em’ when you know they are glued to their smartphone screen!

Likewise, don’t just lurk around on Instagram. If you are really hell-bent on creating a massive followership, interlink your content with Facebook. Just in case you didn’t know, Facebook and Instagram shook hands a long time ago. Therefore, if you have a great post on Facebook, you can schedule it for an auto-post at Instagram.

Try to assess and unlock the full potential of Instagram by doing some research on all the apps and other networks that directly post images to Instagram if the user account is linked to it. This way, it will be twice as fun and half the effort instead of doing everything manual mode. Instagram

Last But Not the Least…

At the end of the day, whether you are posting on Instagram or some other social media network, you are dealing with real people. I know that some users use bots or hire others to do the hard work, but if you don’t really know your audience, or have any idea about what works and what doesn’t, then you might give up on being a huge Instagram success.

I have personally followed a couple of Instagrammers who started with nothing and entirely built their audience through dedication and organic approach. Take the example of fitness coaches or self-made aspiring Instagram models. They all start with a small percentage of the audience but eventually work their way through daily scheduled content, proper hashtags and tons of other tactics that we will go through in other articles.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to share your growth experience at Instagram through the comments section below.