Why Does High Quality Content Do Better On Social Media?

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Why Good Quality Content Does Well on Social Media

The value of social media marketing to businesses has a lot more to offer than just promoting content to the attentive audience. The real magic happens when your posts and social media content helps to build a community and visual-following over time. 

Social media marketing is mostly about garnering as many engagements, likes, shares, and retweets as possible. And there’s no easier way to achieve these feats than sharing quality content. With a good content or post, you could go viral and at that point, your marketing strategy wouldn’t matter anymore. People just click on the share button happily and spontaneously. 

It’s quite obvious, but let’s reiterate that the battle for social media traffic is quite a fierce one. Businesses, brands, and individuals with deep pockets go the extra mile of paying heavily for ads. This stiff competition has driven marketers to up their social media game. Now, you must come up with unique content and strategies to capture the attention and interest of social media users.  

An important statistic to consider is that in 2016, 75% of business establishments increased their content marketing budgets. Also, in that period, more than 40% of companies hired experienced content marketing experts. That tells all there is to know about the importance of getting your social media expedition right. 

There is no better social media success strategy than with the use of “decent quality content.”  Such content has a better chance of getting distributed over social media. It might take a bit of time to figure out exactly what kind of content moves your audience or strategies to adopt with them, but once you get it going it’s just beautiful. 

Here are a few reasons why excellent quality content always wins out here in social media marketing: 

  • Establishes credibility: People become social media followers and fans of an organization because they trust that the content provided, i.e. the posts they will see in their daily feed, is both reliable and relevant to them. The visual procedure consists of publishing content on your official website and promoting it on social media platforms. It needs to build up momentum before it delivers obvious results. Therefore, content marketing experts advise companies to stay consistent with providing valuable and quality content to the third audience. The momentum takes time to build which is why an organic approach will help you build credibility. 

  • Connects audience with the brand: Social media platforms are meant to be engaging. And connect people together. And for most organizations, more engagement on social media can translate into increased brand awareness, higher traffic through your site and more prospects in your marketing funnel. As you build trusted followers in your online community and give them quality content that’s relevant to them, that they can connect to, you’ll see an increase in people viewing, liking, and sharing your posts. 

  • It helps you become an authority: By addressing specific subjects quite often from the different points of view and making sure that you are giving your audience relevant, accurate and fresh content, you can become an authority on this subject. People love to share valuable content. If you provide it to them, you can expect to gain publicity and engage many. Becoming an authority on a certain topic doesn’t necessarily mean that you must use technical jargon. Content written in a more pragmatic fashion has more potential to engage. 

To attract more people, your content has to resonate well with your target audience. Get to know your audience, so that you can discover what type of content will engage them most. 

The primary purpose of content marketing is to establish a connection between the audience and the brand, and not just any connection, but one where there are sympathy and empathy for the brand. Content has the power to make people feel passionate about the brand because ideally, a successful marketing campaign helps them see that they share the same values. 

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