TOP 10 Companies Killing it on Instagram

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Instagram is now home to over 850 million monthly active users, making it the second largest social platform on earth after Facebook. But contrary to what many brands believe, Instagram marketing isn’t just for companies in visually simulated industries. In fact, there are a few ways to approach Instagram marketing without any impressive visual content to hand at all. There are quite a number of companies dealing mostly in code and customer service who are rocking Instagram and loving every bit of it. 

Here are 10 companies who have made the best out of Instagram marketing. 

  1. Adidas: An obvious brand to start with is Adidas. With over 15 million followers, they have a very high influence on Instagram. They use their accounts to create awareness of the brand and its range of products. You may have noticed how most of their images feature women. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a smart tactic because 68% of Instagram users are female.

  2. National Geographic: National Geographic is known for its stunning photography, so a visual platform like Instagram is perfect for them. With 79 million followers, it is clear they are doing something right. With each beautiful image, they have a detailed caption explaining exactly what is in the photo and what its purpose is. 

  3. Red Bull: Red Bull has its Instagram profile filled with hundreds of action shots of people doing sports like snowboarding, swimming, and even rock climbing. With over 2.3 million followers, Red Bull is certainly doing a great job at keeping their audience engaged. And, their account tagline is one of the most effective as well. 

  4. Starbucks: Starbucks encourages its followers to post their pictures with Starbucks’ merchandise and add the proprietary hashtag, which they actually do. With 3.8 million followers, it is no doubt that Starbucks is one of the few brands that know how to earn customers' attention. 

  5. Burberry: One of the greatest parts of Burberry’s Instagram account is the huge number of behind-the-stage images they keep uploading and sharing. With a total of 2.9 million followers, Burberry posts iconic London shots and mixed merchandise images that attract a huge number of monthly visitors. 

  6. GoPro: GoPro's account is by far one of the more exciting accounts you could follow. User-generated content has been the key to Instagram success. They don’t just use their platform to sell their products, but to sell a lifestyle of adventure. You would hardly find photos of just their products. 

  7. Apple: Apple encourages its 3.5 million Instagram followers to use the hashtag #ShotOniPhone to take part in their Instagram adventure. They rarely publish anything to do with their products. Instead, they focus on sharing images that were shot on an iPhone. 

  8. HubSpot: Rather than indulging in stunning landscapes and skylines, HubSpot keeps its Instagram content strictly about digital marketing. They share quotes, infographics and tasteful memes that marketing executives can relate to. 

  9. Amazon: Amazon’s Instagram can only be described as homely. Their images often contain homeware and other products that you can use around the home. They also drop some videos on occasion to entice 1.2 million followers into a sale or two. 

  10. Google: With 5.7 million followers, Google has a running theme on Instagram that involves the iconic G from its logo being crafted in different ways. They also share creative snaps of city skylines and colorful street corners. 

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