How to Dominate Social Media

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Top Tips to Dominate Social Media

Social media is a useful tool for growing a business and brand by promoting your content for free. However, social media success doesn’t just fall into place, you’re going to have to make it work and beat a few obstacles. 

One obstacle to avoid is getting distracted by the number of social platforms out there.  It’s not enough to be on all social media platforms; all that really matters is creating a brand successfully. 

The best way to use social media successfully is not the shotgun approach, i.e. spewing a bunch of posts here and there. Posting unique and quality content is key, but it can be too much of a chore if your attention is divided across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Reddit, etc. 

So, pick out your best-preferred platforms, maybe just two or three including Facebook and Instagram. Once you master a platform, move on to the next one, and keep it going. If you really want to be growing on all platforms simultaneously, hire social media experts to handle each one. That way your marketing experts can be massively productive and focused. 

Without further ado, here are a few tricks and tips to dominate your social media.

Narrowing down your platforms and targets to the ones that work for your brand can significantly reduce the time you spend on social media every day. 

  1. Prioritize Platforms: It may be true that you can almost always reach new customers on social media, however, if you devote yourself and your brand to too many networks, you spread yourself too thin. It’s nearly impossible to run a brand/business and keep up with every social network every single day. Consider your company and brand when deciding which ones to choose from. If you aren’t visually focused, consider sticking to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  2. Post Frequently: Another way to dramatically boost the impact on your social media is to release a flurry of posts. Every post increases the visibility of your brand on whatever platform you choose. The more you post, the greater your likelihood of improving visibility, click-throughs, and visitors. 

  3. Share Most-liked Content: Social media is about sharing stuff, even if it is not your stuff. After all, that’s the point of curated content. The best contents to share are those that relate to what your brand/business is about and trying to achieve. Search for the most shared content relating to your brand and share it. To get retweets, likes, and reposts on your account, all you need to do is share the content yourself. 

  4. Recycle Old Posts: Do not let your old posts languish in the backwaters of the internet. Post them again. To keep it varied, use a new title when you recycle it. Even the New York Times does it. The same articles are posted with different titles or preview texts. Even if your post is two weeks old, that does not mean it is suddenly irrelevant. Neither does it mean everyone saw it the first time. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! 

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