Traveling the world with a camera in hand and a backpack, can be the most rewarding experience for photographers as well as individuals who are deeply engrossed in the beauty of nature and art.

Here are some of the best geographical locations in the world to get close and personal with nature and paint her with pixels.


Is there a better place to start than from the world’s last frontier?  Engage in a pixelated documentation of the negatives of human negligence while embracing the beautiful white continent in all its purity. In Antarctica, the frightening signs of the rapidly changing ecosystem is a visual reality, picture the remarkable glaciers retreat, falling off and turning into icebergs as this war with Carbon continues to take a toll on the Antarctic environment and its existing wildlife. Antarctica is a site that will give a confused feeling of tears and happy. Pick your camera and go to Antarctica, she awaits to tell a tale.


The Bahamas

Have you ever been to the Bahamas? **sigh** It is a work of artistic imagination, as cascading waters steal momentous kisses with the beautiful white beaches. Still in doubt? The Bahamas stands as one of the choicest locations for honeymoons and rightly so. Even though an increasing danger of unforgiving hurricanes throughout the Caribbean has become a bane of the region, that is probably just another story telling shot from a photographer’s telling point. Visit the Bahamas, and enjoy the sweet scenery, and that ever elusive smell of lush vegetation, while capturing vistas only seen in animation movies.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Party Scenes, the largest indoor market in Latin America, the Hospicio Cabañas. All jumbled up in one city called Guadalajara. I am going to save words on this, and simply say, you have to be there to believe there. Please pardon my unorthodox methods of expression but the rustic beauty of these corridor paintings makes my heart skip a beat every time I pass by, it’s almost like seeing “the one” for the very first time, only now he stands there with me and stares. The home of tequila has so much more than tequila.


Abuja, Nigeria

Words alone cannot paint this imagery of a lush yet weary vegetation, of the treacherous rains and muddied earth to the profound impressions of the Harmattan dust on all that stays still.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, carries herself in all her glory as a peacock in the tropics of Africa, a geographically polarised region, there are images for everyone, by everyone to anyone who cares to take a look. Take a tour across the city centre ad admire the ingenuity of modern day architecture cut into rocks so that a land may stay. Get a taste of the midnight cuisine, sticks of Suya, the main course, and some bottles of palm wine her accomplice. Abuja, Abuja, Abuja.

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